Detect Facebook ID#

To Get Any Person’s Or Page’s Facebook ID# Follow The Procedures Given Below:

¤ Enter This Address With Your Browser:

¤ Here In Place Of username Give The Username Of The Person/Page.

¤ Now A Page Will Open. In The Very Beginning Of That Page You’ll See The ID# 🙂

E.g.: I Wanna Get My ID. Now I’ll Enter The Address as

Yaahooo!!! That’s It! My ID# is 1655029181


¤ Now Use It To TAG, MENTION, Or…..Else… 🙂

¤ Oh! I’ll Post A Tune On HOW TO TAG/MENTION ON MOBILE Asap. Stay Tuned. 😎

* If You’re Interested In Programming Then You Must Visit To Get The Most Of FACEBOOK. 🙂


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  1. #1 by F A Hamid on November 2011 - .

    Short Link To My Blog


  2. #2 by 3hlam on November 2011 - .

    How can I know my ID ?

  3. #3 by জুবাইর সানি on November 2011 - .

    Thanks, hamid. I was in need of this.

    • #4 by F A Hamid on November 2011 - .


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