Just Write This :


@@[0:[fb id no:0:TEXT HERE]]


e.g.:- @@[0:[1655029181:0:HAPPY BLUE TEXTING]]

After hitting ok it converts into- HAPPY BLUE TEXTING

N.B.- Blue Text is nothing but a variation of  FB Mentioning. Here ‘1655029181’ is a Facebook id number. It works in status, post, comments, chat, messages, docs, notes etc. You can mention anything by putting the id no.(not user name) of your friend or any page.




Write @@[0:[0:1:YOUR TEXT]]

Write @[0: ] See! It generates a BLANK STATUS!!!


If you face any problem… comment here.


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  1. #1 by Jason on November 2011 - .

    Thanks for this great article

  2. #2 by Xillia on November 2011 - .

    Salamat. Bro I’ve shared you in facebook. But kindly could u tell me how I can know any pages id? Please reply fast.

  3. #4 by M Ferg on November 2011 - .

    I’ve put a username. So I don’t have an id, I guess. Now if I put @@[0:[myUsername:0:HAPPY BLUE TEXTING]], it doesn’t work. What can I do? I want to tag ownself, I mean if someone clicks at the blue words, I want them to get to my profile. So I need to put my id, but I don’t know where it is as I’ve put a username. Please help! 🙂

    • #5 by F A Hamid on November 2011 - .

      Okay. Can you give me your facebook username? I’ll give your id & tell u how to detect it.

      • #6 by M ferg on November 2011 - .

        I do hope you’ll lemme know how to get the id! 🙂
        By the way, mitchfergaussie is the username. 🙂

        • #7 by F A Hamid on November 2011 - .

          @M Ferg, Your facebook id no.# is ‘100002728081386’
          Now use it as @@[0:[100002728081386:0:YOUR TEXT HERE]] . Now YOUR TEXT will be blue and it’ll be linked to your account.
          Lemme know if you’re succeeded.
          I, however, will post a topic asap on HOW TO DETECT ANYONE’S FACEBOOK ID NO.#

          • #8 by M Ferg on November 2011 - .

            Thanks mate, it works! 🙂

            • #9 by F A Hamid on November 2011 - .

              You’re always welcome 🙂
              Stay tuned with my blog.

  4. #10 by Satya Sen on November 2011 - .

    🙂 tnx. It’s working. Lekin yeah notifid karta nahi tha….

  5. #12 by Matthias ken on November 2011 - .

    It’s not working

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